Our Ladies only fitness suite

Total Woman is tailored especially for women who don’t want to train in a mixed gym.

The female-only environment of Total Woman means that you'll be totally comfortable working out with us, no matter what your shape or size or fitness level. So, if the only thing that’s stopped you achieving your fitness goals is not having access to a ladies’ only gym then Total Woman now means you don’t have an excuse!  Achieve the fitness level and body you’ve always wanted.

This gym is superbly equipped. The primary feature of this gym is the range of prestigious Keiser machines – these are highly effective machines ones from one of the best fitness companies in the world. Unlike traditional resistance machines, these machines offer resistance using compressed air and not weight stacks. They offer a much smoother and fuller range of motion that works the muscles much more effectively than traditional machines – they are also much safer. In addition to the Keiser machines Total Woman offers;

  • Freeweights – Ivanko dumbbells from 5lbs to 40Lbs
  • Cardiovascular equipment - treadmills, steppers, rowers, bikes and cross-trainers
  • Stability Balls
  • Vibrostation Power Plates – FREE to use.
  • 42in Plasma TV to keep you entertained

Vibrostation Power Plates

The vibrostation, vibration plate is a key tool for improving fitness and performance in individuals.On its own, combined with your regular training or preferred sport vibrostation will help to improve training quality and effectiveness. Using the vibrostation, vibraton plate muscle strength increases up to 30% more than with other power training and in a fraction of the time. Training with the vibrostation, vibration plate is low impact and due to the shorter training time, the joints, ligaments and tendons are put under far less pressure.

Keiser Pneumatic Fitness Machines

Keiser has always been the equipment of choice for discerning commercial fitness clubs and organizations. It's non-intimidating style and ease of use are only one part of the reason. There are also the over a hundred peer reviewed and published studies showing how the use of Keiser's Pneumatic Technology provides a safe and effective way for users to lose weight, increase bone density, increase strength and power, improve stability, and mobility. The real key to Keiser's success is that it really gets results, and anyone, regardless of their physical size and capabilities can get started on a Keiser exercise program.

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